Brewster Hill Insurance Brokerage

Brewster Hill Insurance

Our sole obligation is to our clients. We receive no financial incentives from any insurance company to place business with them. We also do not have any quotas to meet that would influence us. Rather than represent one insurance company, we shop many of the country's top-rated insurance carriers to get you the best combination of price and protection.

About Instant Quotes

Because we take the time to work with multiple insurance companies for you, we rarely provide "Instant Quotes". We'll gather multiple offers and work with you to implement the right coverage. If you can give 24 - 48 hours for your home or auto, you will be pleased with the results. Contact us to learn more about a custom tailored insurance plan for you.

Insurance Brokers vs. Agents

Brewster Hill Insurance is an insurance broker, not an agent. That means we work for you, not an insurance company. We present your case to a number of highly rated insurance companies, not just the one who paid for the sign outside. Our insurance providers get you a solution with the right combination of price, features, and security.